oh canada

many of my outdoor adventures have taken me to stunning and diverse landscapes throughout the world - mountaineering in norway, trekking across iceland, trail running in costa rica, biking across eastern asia, snowboarding in japan, 'yogaing' in india, and now adventuring through bali. travels through various countries across the globe, beautiful people and relationships, incredible memories and lessons learnt, overwhelm from the sheer beauty of the natural landscapes, and always new expeditions to be planned exploring exciting parts of this glorious planet.  but on this canada day long weekend, I can't help but reflect on all the wonderful experiences and adventures I've been fortunate to have in my own country.

Photo by Brandon Hartwig

Photo by Brandon Hartwig


as I'm sure many can agree, travelling really does make you appreciate home even more.  canada is such a diverse and remarkable place chalked full of breathtaking landscapes and vast wilderness, the kindest people, a magical mix of various cultures and traditions, and new places to discover in every direction. 


witnessing the canada day celebrations unfold back home from afar, all my friends and family honouring our nation together this weekend, I feel so overcome with gratitude to be able to call canada my home, even the other side of the world.

Photo by Brandon Hartwig

Photo by Brandon Hartwig


as I write these words  from my home in bali feeling so undeniably content where I am, I want to send every one of my canadian family, friends and really the entire nation nothing but love as you gather together this weekend in celebration. appreciating our nation and it's beautiful people, I am simply left reminiscing all the unreal adventures, experiences, outdoor knowledge and lessons gained, and friendships created and cultivated from exploring these wild spaces in the 'great canadian north'.  endless hikes in the mountains and along the coast,  backpacking expeditions, camping trips with the family from a young age, cycling expedition through northern bc and the yukon, winter camping and split-board excursions, cross country skiing, sea kayaking the west coast and various paddle trips, rock climbing in the bluffs, backyard campfires with friends - canada has a place for all of these things and so much more!

Photo by Brandon Hartwig

Photo by Brandon Hartwig


so I hope you get outside and can truly appreciate the beautiful nature we are so immensely blessed to live amongst.  stay safe, be kind to the natural environment, breath in the fresh mountain or ocean air, take care of the wild places you hold near to your heart, be responsible in your outdoor endeavours, educate yourself on sustainable practices when heading outside, go hug a tree, follow the 'leave no trace' principles, climb a mountain, run a new trail, howl like a freaking wolf and let gratitude for our nation bring people together to appreciate the place we are lucky enough to call home. 


happy canada day everyone!