Hello everyone and welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Kara Folkerts and I was born in the prairies of Alberta, Canada while continuing to travel to the far and wide corners of our lovely planet.  In 2013 I moved to Calgary to begin a Bachelor's Degree in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership.  The four years that followed brought upon many adventures and opportunities to grow, meet incredible like-minded friends, travel internationally, gain greater experience in guiding and tourism, and begin to define my own life. 


From guiding Norwegian students on various outdoor pursuits, travelling throughout Europe, walking solo across the country of Iceland, trail running in the mountains of Costa Rica, and completing my Bachelor's, I chose to leave everything behind and pursue my dream of travelling and moving in beautiful wild places fully.  From May to November of 2017, I cycled alongside my partner, Brandon, over 10,500km from our home in Calgary to Alaska, flying to the eastern coast of Russia, and biking further through Russia, Mongolia and China.  After China we made way to Japan to spend a winter season in the northern island, where I travelled further after to India to take my 200 hour yoga training.  I can now be found working at an ecolodge in the mountains of Bali continuing to discover, adventure, and grow.


My greatest motivations and intentions include health and wellbeing, exploring the outdoors, meditation and mindful living, plant-based eating and whole foods, the environment and living sustainably, reading a good book, endurance sports (running, cycling, hiking), meaningful connections with people, laughing until my belly hurts, and eating way too much peanut butter.  

I am also currently studying Holistic Nutrition and have a deep rooted desire to eat well and care for our bodies and minds to ensure energy to live our fullest live.  After years of struggles with my own disordered eating pattern and coming to heal through mediation and journaling, being outdoors, self-care and pursuing my other passions more fully, I now wish to share my joy of health and happiness with others. 

Throughout all of these experiences and adventures in my life, I continue to find clarity on my own desires and chase after those passions fully. 


At 23 years old, I hope to continue expanding my horizons while venturing out into the unknown, discover new countries, customs and cultures, positively impacting each person and place I visit and ultimately soaking in every precious moment of this life. 

Thank you for following along my journey.