verb  nour·ish  \ ˈnər-ish , ˈnə-rish \

: to promote the growth of or sustain with nutriment necessary for vitality, health and good condition





Food has always played a big role in my life, especially after years of battling an eating disorder - it was either my best friend or my worst enemy.  After overcoming years of having a rollercoaster relationship with food, I now understand the incredible power food has to heal and sustain both our bodies and mind.  Taking on the challenging road of recovery and healing my relationship with food I was continually drawn to a vegetarianism.  This was something I desired for years to reduce my environmental footprint heavily associated with animal agriculture, to reduce animal suffering and to truly nourish my body.  I held off on this desire until I knew I was doing it for the reasons opposed to using this as another form of restriction in my diet.  In the beginning of 2016, it truly felt right and I began fully vegetarianism.  At this time, I also began to learn more of the benefits of going vegan.  I dabbled in and out of it, knowing I could benefit both myself, the planet and animals even greater.  It wasn't until Christmas of 2017 that I decided to give the best present ever, I went vegan.  Desiring a more conscious, mindful and sustainable lifestyle, the decision to go vegan has truly been the best decision yet.   

I understand veganism isn't for everyone and I get that.  For me it works, for others it may not.  


I'm one of those people who LOVES to cook and be creative in the kitchen, but I also like to experiment - like every time I'm in the kitchen. 

Following a recipe? I'll add in a little extra of this.  Calls for a specific item? I'll swap it out for something new.  Seriously every time I cook, it falls under the term of a 'Buddha/glory bowl' being a hearty bowl of veg, whole grains, and a plant protein. I really just make a mountain of vegetables - sometimes raw, sometimes roasted, other times sautéed in my own creation of some sauce.  I'd LOVE to share my recipes, because I genuinely look the food I create and make, but really they are different EVERY time. 

Instead I thought I would share other recipes I have tried (with maybe a few tweaks here and there) and some of my favourite plant-based cookbooks and websites. 



Resources - Vegan Recipes