Biking from Calgary to Beijing


Going for a ride...

In May of 2017, I pedalled away from my home in Calgary, along with my partner Brandon, leaving on the adventure of a lifetime.  The months that would follow included riding our bike entirely to Beijing.  From Calgary we follow an old foresty trunk road, staying on the backroads through the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  Cycling further to British Columbia, we continued passing gorgeous mountains and forest as we headed north for Yukon and Alaska.  

Reaching Anchorage, Alaska after 4,500km of cycling, we flew to Kamchatka, an eastern peninsula in Russia, where we travelled and hiked for two weeks, giving our legs a break from the bike.  After experiencing incredible volcanos, breath taking views and a crazy bear incident, we took one more quick flight to the Eastern coast city of Magadan.  Cycling from Magadan we took the infamous 'Road of Bones' through more stunning forest and mountains to reach the city of Yakutsk.  

From Yakutsk, we pedalled south reaching the East of Mongolia.   Venturing through the nomadic, wild and vast steppe, we travelled further into China as the weather continued to drop.  We reached Beijing on November 15th having ridden over 10,500 kilometres to reach that point.  



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